Highlight a testimonial from an opinion leader

Hot Tip #20 is to highlight a testimonial from an opinion leader who is well known to your target audience.

Take a walk with me…

You are looking for an icon pack for your next project. You discover these great looking “ZenIcons” — but the abundance of icons out there casts doubt on the $49 price tag.

Scrolling past the first icon preview you arrive at this featured testimonial:

"With 9 different weights, Zen Icons are my go-to icons for all my side projects."Klaudia Schneider – Spotify Product Designer

Now you think to yourself: “No way! That’s Klaudia, the designer at Spotify I’m following on Twitter. She’s so talented and has great taste. These ZenIcons must be best-in-class for her to endorse them.”

This form of social proof is the game-changing Joker card in your Landing Page deck.