Don’t shortcut hosting

Hot Tip #71 is don’t take shortcuts on website hosting.

Cheap, shared hosting will end up costing a lot more (through downtime, hacks, sluggish speeds, slow support, and frustrated customers) in comparison to the savings you’d get from using a reputable host.

However, hosting advice is subjective to where you are in your journey. This tip would apply to Landing Pages with a product or service people are buying.

Bonus: here are some hosting FAQs and answers I give One Page Love readers who ask. These are actually taken from my email macros I use them so much:)

FAQ: I have a product idea I want to validate but have little budget or coding experience?

Build a free Landing Page online using Carrd. It’s free if you keep the name.carrd.co subdomain, then $9/year if you want to use a custom domain.

FAQ: I have a product idea, want to use WordPress but have little budget?

Bluehost is an option if you really want to use WordPress + a free theme. It’s not the best hosting but if you are giving away a free product and need to use WordPress, it’s your best option. This link discounts to $3/month if you pay annually.

FAQ: I want good hosting for my Landing Page and want to use WordPress?

Flywheel hosts all my WordPress websites and Landing Pages. The uptime is solid, CDN fast, daily backups are great with a 1-click restore, staging for testing convenient and the support is superb. I’m a massive fan. For my network of sites I’m paying $100/month.

FAQ: I want good hosting for my Landing Page and don’t want to use WordPress?

If you know your way around a server, Digital Ocean is your best bet at $5/month. I use it for 1 of my Landing Pages.