Wrap it in a device

Hot Tip #80 is to wrap your screenshots in a device.

A device mock-up, with a subtle drop shadow, can really bring your digital product to life:

Device mockup reference Device mockup reference

If your software caters for multi-device usability, consider showcasing the screenshots within a family of devices. This emphasizes the remote-working possibilities too:

Device mockup reference Family of devices
  • Devices by Facebook Design – Monster collection of mock-up devices in both PNG and Sketch. Ridiculous this is free.
  • Shotsnapp – Brilliant device mock-up tool that works in your browser.
  • Device Mock-Up Inspiration – A collection of 150+ Landing Pages I’ve curated featuring device mock-ups.
  • Lstore Graphics – Top quality device mock-up resource. Video options too!
  • Creative Market – The device mock-ups category is filled with unique options by their community.